Here are all the models (amateur and professional) who accepted to pose for me during one or more photo-shoots. I thank them for helping me to progress, to realize my photo projects and to have pretty pictures to show.

Alixia Anaïs Apel Pie Asli Aykan Betty Blondie Carmina Cécile Céline Mada Charline Dreadlockette Ely Von Kernen Elysa Eros Noir Gaia Hell-Haine JeannotBny Johanna Judith Karine Katia Laura Leslie Lili Lorwine Lyna Sweet Maé Mamalova Maria Maria Suzanna Marine Marine B. Marion Marquisette Mélie Pnotik Minera Minou Misstaire Modèles anonymes Mymi Néah Kuno Norah Nyna Pauline Ria Sanguin-R Sanguine Sarah Mignot Sindy Sloane Vitaly